Krieghoff Custom Gold Bulino
Price on Request

K-80, Custom Gold Bulino by (B.G. Badallini) Gold Bulino Style Engraving w/24 Carat Inlays (13), Line work in coin finish. Five Ducks on Right Side, Three Quail and Pointing Dog on Left Side, Two Woodcock and K-80/Krieghoff in Gold on Bottom, Woodcock Top Latch and Gold Crown on Top Lever, Solid…read more

Dakota Arms Model 76
Price on Request
.375 H&H

Iron Sights. Barrel band. Hand honed action. Checkered bolt handle. Skeleton grip cap. Magnum ported.

Dakota Arms Model 76
Price on Request
7mm Rem Mag

Checkered bolt handle. Hand-honed action. Iron sights. Skeleton grip cap. Barrel band

Belgium Browning Grade 1
.410 gauge

Beavertail fore end