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Carbon BiPod

New Blaser Carbon BiPod

This new bipod can be fitted to the R8 rifle with lightning-quick speed before firing a shot, and the rest of the time it can be stowed away in the hunter’s pocket. This modern bipod was developed for Blaser by a British company Spartan Precision Equipment. It was developed using a material combination of ultralight aircraft aluminum and carbon fiber, weighs scarcely north of 130 g or 5 Oz. and was designed specifically for the Blaser R8 Success rifle. The shape of this new bipod reflects the curved R8 stock so there are no edges or angles to be seen. The head section which is made from 12 components is smooth and rounded with a wider stance of 55 degrees. Every metal part of the Blaser bipod is machined from solid billet using 5 axis CNC machines: there are no castings or pressed metal parts. There are steel feet beneath the removable rubber caps, providing maximum grip and stability on a variety of surfaces. The Blaser bipod comes exclusively in a set with a modified forearm tip that takes just a few simple steps to fit to the rifle stock. A magnet holds the bipod reliably in place on the forearm tip, making it ready for use in seconds. Smooth tilt compensation enables necessary corrections on uneven terrainwhile aiming.

  • Currently this bipod is only available for the Blaser R8 Thumbhole Success rifle with a standard 17 mm barrel.