Rigby London Best Model

Inventory Status
London Best Model
.416 Rigby
Travel Case
Grade 10 Wood

New Arrival:
London Best Big Game Rifle
Caliber: .416 Rigby
Phil Coggin Engraved
Charging Elephant in Gold & Platinum
Grade 10 Wood
Deluxe Leather Rigby Case With Canvas Cover
Rigby Accessories
Year Of Production: 2014

’ London Best’ Model in Production
Here attached are photos of a rifle in production in London

As with our Big Game model, the London Best is available on both Single or Double Square Bridge actions.

Special features include:
- Rigby contour barrel with integral rib
- Best London black
- Deluxe wood hand-stocked and chequered
- Traditional oil finish
- London Best model engraving pattern
- Colour case hardening on certain features

Additional features available (POA):
- Wood upgrade
- Rigby half scroll
- Gold lettering on barrel and Rigby motto
- Full scroll on all parts excluding barrel
- Full custom engraving pattern
- London finished scope rings for double square
bridge model
- Rigby ‘Silent’ leather sling
- Rigby airline case
- Willesden pattern canvas case with brass corners
- Best English leather case with accessories
- Case accessories

Our London Best rifles are hand crafted by our master gunsmiths in our workshops in Vauxhall. All the time honoured skills of the art are brought to bear on wood and metal. Hand chequering, oil finishing, colour case hardening and engraving are all part of the rich tapestry.
As standard, the double square bridge version comes with a choice of swing off mounting systems. Our custom service also allows for the choice of Holland & Holland style mounts. As with the rest of the rifle these can be engraved to a clients’’ specifications and colour case hardened.