Ed Brown KC-LW-G3 Kobra Carry Lightweight

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Ed Brown
KC-LW-G3 Kobra Carry Lightweight
.45 ACP
Travel Case

The Kobra Carry is now available in an aluminum frame version. Aluminum has one major advantage, and a few disadvantages. The major advantage is the lighter weight, being half a pound lighter than the steel version. This weight advantage cannot be over-valued for those who carry frequently.

Our aluminum frame is made from 7075, the strongest aluminum alloy available and the same material used in M-16/AR-15 assault rifle receivers. The tensile strength is more than adequate for the durability requirements. However, no aluminum is as abrasive resistant as steel because it is slightly softer on the surface. This means service life will be somewhat reduced, and the frame is easier to damage.

A steel version might be expected to last many thousands of rounds of shooting. An aluminum frame will also last thousands of rounds, but certainly not as many as steel. As always, the life will depend on many factors such as load strength, maintenance, lubrication, etc. A carry gun is generally expected to be shot enough to assure familiarization with the weapon and then is carried most of it’s life. Occassional practice is fine, but if you plan on a high volume of shooting, you would be much better served with a steel frame gun. If you mainly plan on carrying the gun and shooting it occasionally, you will find the aluminum is a blessing on your hip. Just keep in mind that the cosmetic finish can be damaged much easier than a steel gun. Shooting with a ring on could cosmetically damage the finish. Getting even mildly aggressive with a mag change will cosmetically damage the inside of the mag well. One just needs to be more careful with aluminum. This is the trade-off for lighter weight.

Normally, the feedramp might be damaged just by hollowpoint rounds impacting it repeatedly, but not with an Ed Brown. We have solved this particular problem by designing a steel insert for the feedramp. Now hollow point or solid nose ammo hits the steel insert and never touches the aluminum frame.

The bottom line: if you intend to carry the gun a lot, and not use it for your “daily shooter”, the aluminum version is for you. Otherwise, stick with the steel version.

The Kobra Carry Lightweight features the following:

4.25" Commander model slide, single stack commander Bobtail® frame. The John Browning traditional design innovatively modified for concealed carry, without significantly detracting from reliability or accuracy.
7075 Aluminium frame and Bobtail® housing. All other components steel, identical to steel version Kobra Carry.
Weight: approximately 27 ounces with an unloaded magazine inserted.
Exclusive snakeskin treatment on forestrap, and aluminum Bobtail® housing. A beautiful, unique, and snag free gripping surface.
Matte finished Gen III coated slide for low glare, with snakeskin on rear of slide only.
10-8 Performance U-notch plain black rear sight with .156 notch, for fast aquisition of close targets. Fixed dovetail front night sight with high visibility white outlines.
Slim wood grips for a thinner width.
“LW” insignia on slide, which stands for “Lightweight”.