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Blaser Argali Shooting Stick Z4

Argali shooting stick Z4
Innovative shooting stick for successful stalking. When closed, can be used as a climbing stick. The adjustable fork on the front shaft support allows you to pick up and carry game without having to alter the position of the stick.

Aluminium, glass fiber reinforced plastic (GRP)


S = to 174cm…read more

Blaser Twill / Leather Gun Cover Type A

Suitable for all popular shotgun models. With zipped outer pocket.
Total length: 53"
Barrel length: 32”

Blaser Left Hand R8 Success Rifle Stock
Price on Request

The perfectly designed thumb-hole stock of the R8 Professional Success is finally available in a left-handed version, too.

A relaxed shooting arm and hand position as well as a firm grip – from now on, all left-handed hunters will benefit from the unrivaled advantages of the R8 Professional Success which will lead…read more

Blaser Right Hand R8 Success Rifle Stock
Price on Request

Blaser R8 Professional Success from Blaser Hunting on Vimeo.

With the revolutionary stock of the R8 Professional Success, Blaser gives active hunters the crucial edge for continuous successful shooting. The R8 Professional Success stock provides a completely relaxed posture of shooting…read more

Blaser Rifle Kickstop

The stainless steel cylinder, filled with tungsten beads, is inserted into the buttstock and reduces recoil by about 20 %. It is suitable for all rifle models. The weight of the buttstock increases by approximately 600 grams. It improves the balance of rifles with heavy barrels. If required, the Kickstop…read more

Blaser R8 Professional Hunting Knife

The tried and tested, anti-slip stock material of the Blaser Professional bolt action rifles is used for the grip. With fold-out allen key (SW5) to strip down the Blaser R8 rifle. Fluorescent inlays, drop point blade made from stainless steel (440 C) rustproof.

Blaser Blaser Twill / Leather Gun Case Type C

Blaser Twill / Leather Gun Case Type C 165118
Total Length: 50 Inches

  • Scoped Rifle Case
Blaser Blaser Quick Detachable Scope Mount

Blaser Quick Detachabble Saddle Scope Mount:
One Inch, 30 mm, 36 mm,
Fits All Of The Following Blaser Rifles: R93, R8, S2, K95, LRS R93

Blaser Rifle Sling - Fine Calf Leather

The leather version of the Blaser rifle sling has been designed specifically for active hunting. Its broad, elastic and flexible shoulder strap makes light work for carrying a hunting rifle over long distances and the non-slip neoprene underlay ensures reliable support. The leather enhances the quality look of the classic Blaser…read more

Blaser Neoprene Rifle Sling - Black

With wide, soft shoulder pad for utmost carrying comfort. Slipresistant,
elastic and adjustable in length. Integrated cartridge case for two rifle
cartridges. Detachable sling swivels with quick-release fasteners.

Blaser Neoprene Rifle Sling - Green

With wide, soft shoulder pad for utmost carrying comfort. Slipresistant,
elastic and adjustable in length. Integrated cartridge case for two rifle
cartridges. Detachable sling swivels with quick-release fasteners.

Blaser Blaser Fast Access Belt Pouch

With this smart and exquisitely manufactured pouch, ammunition is always quickly at hand. The exterior pouch can be attached to the belt. The removable, elastic ammunition holder accommodates six cartridges. Both components are made of Cordura® and Neoprene®. Edgings made of fine leather. The ammunition holder comes with a Velcro strap…read more

Blaser Carbon BiPod

New Blaser Carbon BiPod

This new bipod can be fitted to the R8 rifle with lightning-quick speed before firing a shot, and the rest of the time it can be stowed away in the hunter’s pocket. This modern bipod was developed for Blaser by a British company Spartan Precision Equipment. It…read more

Blaser Custom R8 Professional Success Stocks
Price on Request


Increasingly, hunters wish to give their rifle a personal note, that little extra touch, which makes their rifle special to them.

With that in mind, Blaser now offers the weather resistant leather inlays in five colors, which can be combined harmoniously with four different colors…read more

Blaser Blaser Cordura Gun Slip

Blaser Cordura Gun Slip F6F016
Total Length: 53 Inches

Vektor Maskin Vektor Maskin Bipod Mount - R8

Blaser R8 Rifle
Vektor Maskin Bipod Mount

Blaser Elk Hide Rucksack

A real Blaser classic, completely made from high-quality natural moose leather, one of the most sought-after leathers worldwide. It is soft, smooth, robust and precious. In hard use, it becomes even more beautiful. The padded shoulder straps are also made of moose leather.

Total volume: approx. 35 l. W x H: 60 x 50 cm (23.6"…read more

Blaser Canvas & Leather Rucksack

Made from original hunting Canvas – hard-wearing, noiseless and tear-proof. The coated, water-repellent fabric consists of 100 % cotton. Edgings and straps are made of high-quality calf leather. With foldable seat cushion and bag for game transport.

Volume: approx. 35 l. W x H: 60 x 55 cm (23.6″ × 21.6″).

Blaser Blaser Pistol Gip Caps